Portland SEO Services

For interactive agencies and Business owners located in the Portland, Oregon metro area 540 SEO provides expert Local SEO services as well as organic Search Optimization and Adwords campaign management. We partner with some of Portland’s best-known web design agencies, helping Small Businesses generate more traffic, leads and sales through the web.

An extremely effective strategy we’ve used with scores of business owners is to create a solid SEO foundation through keyword research, on-page optimization and Local Search optimization. With content generation, backlinks and local reviews, a well-optimized site will climb the organic rankings and — over time — supply a business with a steady stream of qualified customers.

We complement the organic search process with targeted Adwords campaigns to generate an immediate flow of leads and customers. The combination is powerful, resulting in more traffic and more customers for a business’s most important search terms.

Agency Owners

540 SEO can supplement your in-house SEO team, or act as a virtual Search Engine marketing resource. By using an external Search partner, you reduce your full-time staffing costs and ensure you’re getting a resource that stays current with the ever-changing SEO landscape.

Many agency partners “white label” our services, providing us with a company email address for all client correspondence and bill for our services directly. Other agency partners choose to refer clients to us directly and let us handle the communications, billing and project management. We can accommodate either scenario, or an arrangement that works best for you and your clients.

Want to learn more? Email Keith AT 540SEO DOT com or call 971-409-6608.

Small Business Owners

We service a select group of business owners who want to improve their website effectiveness and online sales. We apply SEO best practices to your site, developing a comprehensive Search strategy that supports your overall business objectives. After all, SEO is merely part of the marketing mix and should support and reflect your brand and business goals.

For an immediate increase in website traffic, we highly recommend creating an Adwords campaign. Many business owners have tried Adwords, but given up after seeing poor results. Usually, we find that these campaigns have been set up improperly and don’t effectively segregate products and services into separate ad groups, or don’t create enough ad versions. Alternatively, ads point to the home page of the website instead of a custom-made landing page.  We’ll make sure your Adwords campaign is set up for maximum efficiency and we monitor and optimize your campaign daily for the best possible ROI.

Want to learn more about our services and pricing? Email Keith AT 540SEO DOT com or call 971-409-6608.