Google Adwords Certified Partner

Pay-per-click or PPC ad campaigns are a quick and effective way to drive traffic to your website. The small text ads that surround search results (see example below) are triggered by search queries.  Type “portland flowers” into Google, and — no surprise — you see flower ads.

Advertisers select the keywords that will trigger their ads and set the maximum amount they’re willing pay per “click”. That bid determines how often and where ads appear.

The beauty of PPC advertising is you have complete budget control, and can stop and start your campaign whenever you choose.  Small businesses everywhere are choosing PPC ad campaigns over radio, print and direct mail to find new customers.


Our Adwords specialists have extensive experience managing PPC campaigns on Google, Bing/Yahoo and Facebook.  Keyword research and ongoing split testing is central to our approach.  The goal?  The lowest possible cost-per-click and maximum conversion ratio.

Adwords Campaign Management Package includes:

  • Extensive keyword research to identify cost-effective phrases
  • Campaign management on the platform(s) of your choice: Google, Bing/Yahoo or Facebook
  • Demographic/geographic targeting
  • Backend tracking systems that follow customers from click to conversion
  • Split-testing to determine the highest converting ads
  • Full budget control over daily and total ad spend
  • Comprehensive reporting
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SEO for Small Business

search engine optimize companyReady to boost your search rankings? It starts right here. We take a personalized, strategic approach to every SEO project, using proven techniques to search engine optimize your website. Even small improvements in search rank can dramatically increase traffic — and that means more customers for you. No wonder SEO’s ROI consistently tops all other marketing tactics.

Do you serve a local market?  We specialize in Local Maps SEO for clients nationwide like lawyers, real estate agents, roofers, contractors, dentists and insurance agents who target a local audience.


Our personalized SEO Service delivers a plan of action to dramatically increase your website’s visibility.  The process begins with extensive keyword research, competitive analysis, a thorough site review and optimization process, and delivers comprehensive monthly ranking reports to track your progress.

Website SEO with Local Rank Booster Package includes:

  • Extensive keyword research to identify target phrases and evaluate existing ones
  • Competitive website analysis
  • Comprehensive site audit (on-page factors, keyword and content relevance, onsite links, etc.)
  • Optimized site page titles, meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Google Places page optimization with Yahoo, Bing and targeted local directory submissions
  • Photo optimization for all submissions. Includes PhotoShop enhancements and geo-tagging
  • Keyword watch: new trends and opportunities
  • Monthly rank tracking reports

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