Google Tags

Ever wondered what the small yellow flags are in some of Google’s Local listings?  Google Tags, and you can try them free for a month compliments of your friends at Google. For $25/month, Google lets Small Business owners “tag” their local listing with an offer, update, photo, video, reservations or menu link.  See example below of a landscaping business promoting a pricing special.

As Local Search gets more competitive, and more and more businesses have claimed, optimized and promoted their Google Places listing, edges like Tags can make the difference in getting noticed and clicked.  And when Local results dominate the entire page of Search results,  you need all the help you can get to stand out from the pack.


You can change or deactivate tags at any point during the month, and any charges or prorated.  To get started, go to your Google Places dashboard, click the listing where you want the tag to appear, and click “create tag”.

Even better, here’s a handy video walking you through the setup steps: